What Clients Say

Zachary D.


“Great Experience”

i purchased a site from @Niche Captain and the site is high quality. The attention to detail and the articles are marvelous. i recommend this service and the site was delivered within the turn around time so that is another plus. They also give you a massive variety of niches to choose from as well which is very helpful. My overall take on this service 10 out of 10 would buy again.


Leo McAbee


“Immense Value for the Price”

Jack not only delivers the site but also go above and beyond to make the customers happy.


Helen B. Rivera


“Great Customer Service”

For the last few months I’ve seen my sites continue to climb in ranking and increase traffic with very little effort while I work on other things. The latest site is really impressing me with it’s performance. I’m looking forward to adding more content and back-links soon. Thanks again!


Steve Hale


“Nice team to work with”

I have previously reviewed a KGR KW package service from @Niche Captain and this time, this review is for a site for 16K word KGR site.

Short Review: I love the service and I am more than impressed with the final site delivered and, I am sure I will do business again with @Niche Captain

Long Review:

I love to leave a review when it is a very positive experience. My experience doing business with Niche Captain from the start to finish has been great.

Niche Captain has always been straight to the point and we communicated mainly via email during this business, and it is easy for me to see a reply right away. A++ communication, no ambiguous replies or answers at all

Customer Service:
When I had a few questions, doubts about niche selection, domain name selection, etc, I have received prompt and courteous replies. Niche Captain has also kept me up to date as things are developed

Received the final site well within the TAT. In fact, from the time I placed the order to submission of niches and KGR package creation was lightning fast. Then the site development started and within 10 days, the site was delivered

One of the highest quality sites that I saw in recent times. A perfect theme and enough elements to create authority and look like a real blog (not a blatant affiliate site)

Final site:
-The niche selected was evergreen and @Niche Captain found a good chunk of KGR KW. The site came with a total of 16K words (that includes privacy policy, about us, and posts). High-quality writing and information flowed very nicely. Relevant images are used. Silo structure. All in all, I really liked the site. I criticize sites very easily and if somebody asked me to check the site out, I would give A+ to it for clarity, and authenticity.
-Domain names were suggested based on the niche selected and I was able to find a good KW+guides.com and I am very happy about it.

What next:
The seller provided a strategy for off-site SEO . I am going to follow it albeit slowly. I really liked the writing style (perfect for this niche) and will go back to the seller for these content packages.

I recommend this service with no hesitation. My next site purchase will be from this seller, with no questions.

Thanks for the great service.


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