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Whatever process it is, the guts of the thing remain:

1 > find a group of people who you can solve a problem for, who acknowledge having the problem

2 > either get in front of them where they are with your offer, or entice them to move from wherever they’re gathering to your platform to see your offer

3 > filter them (this is called qualifying) so that those who are most likely to buy see your offer

4 > convert the qualified prospects into buyers, and then fulfill the orders.

You will see a lot of hyped up nonsense about this or that piece of a technique being the lynchpin of success. That is false. One piece of the puzzle by itself is not the answer. You must understand and implement the entire process. Know where the single puzzle piece you’re looking at for the moment fits into the process.

Otherwise, you’ll get on the shiny object train with everybody else. Whiteboard videos last month, SEO this month, copywriting scripts the next. And no commitment, back to zero every few days along with the herd.

Don’t ask “What’s working?” Don’t look for success outside of you. What they’re doing is a unique combination of their skills, experience, interests, and abilities. Maybe you could copy it, but maybe you can’t. Better to forge your own path.

Every niche is profitable, seriously. I think choosing a niche is one of the BIGGEST roadblocks for most, you’re not alone!

With the things you like to write about, who would be your target audience? What kind of things would your target audience be interested in reading about and what do you think your audience is in the market for buying?

Niches, are like trees. Lots and lots of branches. Yep, every single subject you can think of. From there you want to explore each branch, find social groups, forums, if any, and start putting your name out there!

For monetizing, take your main niche subject and go snoop around Amazon, Ebay and such and find products/ideas that relate to your niche. That will help you branch out. You’ll be surprised at the way you will get flooded with ideas.

Don’t forget that every search engine always has ‘suggested searches’. You can use this to find ways to branch out, too.

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