Jack ( Founder of Niche Captain ) has been creating niche websites for himself and other marketers since 2008, that means he has 12 years of practical experience doing this thing. If you were hiring someone for a job at your company and they had 12 years experience, that would be a big plus, right? Of course it would!

Here is a bit on Niche Captain

You can skip this part if you are not ready for a niche site history lesson 😛

Back in 2008 Jack was selling niche sites on all kinds of internet forums. There were not many people selling niche websites that were focused on SEO at that point in time, Jack was one of the first people to really start crushing it back then with niche sites. After 6 years of selling websites through forums and to private buyers, It was decided to create a website that sells websites! This was a necessary thing to do since it became impossible to stay organized with all the orders coming in from different forums and private messages, emails, etc.. So Nichecaptain.com was born!

Since launching Niche Captain Officially back in 2016 the business has tripled. At the time of writing this there have been over 800 websites sold by Jack and his team.. it’s pretty incredible. Niche Captain will continue to be the #1 choice for smart marketers for years to come.

Fast Forward to 2020

Jack today is also has a portfolio of 14 sites , valued at over $400,000 combined , and he is heavily involved in several other SEO and Internet Marketing ventures.

The thing that has really made Niche captain (and all Jack’s other businesses) such great successes is the focus on customer service, and value.

Over all these years Jack’s customer base has remained loyal (and grown from just a few people to hundreds!) and they keep coming back for more high quality websites.

It is hard to find someone in the internet marketing space that has been successfully doing the same thing for even 2 years… but Jack has been doing this for 12 years! There are none of the people still in business that were doing this back in 2008 when Jack started… that should tell you something!

With Jack and his team at Niche Captain, you can be sure that you are dealing with a true professional who really cares about his customers.

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